Friday, January 30, 2009

My first Blog

I'm not sure what to write, so since I'm a stay at home mom I guess I'll just have to write about my family.

Erica my oldest and only daughter is living with my parents in Utah. She is 22 now and has a very busy schedule going to school at SLCC, teaching several dance classes along with choreographing and coaching girls for solos at a dance studio in South Jordan. She also works at the lab, a small business that we still own in Utah. (She doesn't enjoy this job but tolerates it to pay for her car and insurance) She spends what little free time she has with her cute boyfriend, Brandon Jensen, and their dogs, Charlie & Tucker. They come to Seattle when they can get away from school and work, we love it when they visit! I have to say I feel a little "cheated" that she lives so far away, we always have a great time chatting, shopping, and eating out when we are together!

Cameron will be 20 in a few weeks and is going to school at Bellevue Community College studying computer science and plans to transfer to a University next fall. He just started working full time with a web based marketing company. So between work, school, and his girlfriend, we don't get to see enough of him these days. He has also been teaching snowboarding lessons on the weekends for the past 3 years and secretly wishes this could be his career! Thankfully he knows a College Education is a better choice. He has a quirky sense of humor and can always make me laugh! He is 6'1" and sometimes I walk into his room in the morning and see his long legs hanging out of the covers and say to myself "I just can't believe he is my child" I still feel like I should be a mom with little kids, not adults!

Coleman is 15 and in the ninth grade. He is such a great, easy going, happy kid. This past year he has grown so much and looks so different, not my little boy anymore, totally a teenager now. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, they love to play XBox Live, Rock Band, and go out in the woods all around our neighborhood "Airsofting" sometimes they look pretty scary running around in hoodies with airsoft guns, wearing their face masks, (it's similar to paint balling but with little biodegradable pellets) but I figure it gets their aggression out and it is great exercise! He is also taking guitar lessons and enjoys snowboarding. He seems to have discovered girls (or they discovered him!) and spends lots of time texting and facebooking, such a different world from when we were kids! This year he started early morning seminary and gets up all on his own at 5:00 am, thankfully a girl in our neighborhood picks him up every day! (Thank you Alexa!) He has only missed one day due to illness all year! He is looking forward to a Cultural Exchange trip to China that he will be taking during spring break this April as well as EFY this August in Tacoma. He also loves fishing, boating, clamming, & crabbing with Drew in the summer.

Drew stays extremely busy with his job at Microsoft. He is currently in transition and will be starting a new position in a few weeks. He is looking forward to a new challenge and thankfully still has a job after the lay-offs last week! He loves to go boating and fishing and always takes our many visitors on boating tours around Lake Washington, Lake Union and through the locks out into the Puget Sound. We have been on some fun trips in the Sound and to the San Juan Islands. Since we live in Redmond, "The cycling capital of the Northwest" he also enjoys cycling. We purchased new bikes last fall and enjoy riding together on the great network of trails near our home, or I guess I should say "enjoyed" riding together, I was out riding one afternoon in late September and managed to fall and break my leg so we haven't been able to ride together, Drew continues to ride outside when the weather is nice and inside on his stationary trainer when it's too wet or snowy outside.

Before breaking my leg I enjoyed riding my bike and walking on the trails around our home. I am currently serving as the Young Women's Secretary in our ward and really enjoy planting flowers and working in the yard in the summer. I enjoy decoratng and remolding our home. I love reading and being home to support my boys and my husband. I also love visiting Utah whenever I get a chance, to spend time with Erica, my family, and friends.


Here's how my ordeal happened--I was clipped into the peddles going up a steep hill, my chain came off when I was downshifting and I couldn't get my feet unclipped from the peddles fast enough and just fell right over with my foot stuck in the peddle and since bones can't bend, I broke my fibula along with some major soft tissue damage to my whole foot. (thankfully no one saw it happen so my pride wasn't hurt as well!) I spent the next 2 months on crutches which were not as easy to get the hang of as they look! I'm still going to Physical Therapy and feel like after spending 4 months laying on the couch with my foot up, my body will never be the same! I had so much help from good friends and especially the Relief Society from my church who brought food and helped clean my house, (even my boys bathroom that I hadn't been in for weeks, Lisa, you will get extra blessings for that service!) I'm so grateful for a church with such an amazing organization of women who so willing help and serve each other. I have to especially thank my good friend and fellow bike riding partner Dixie, who came to my rescue that day and helped me several times with cleaning and rides (it was my right leg so I was not able to drive for the first 6 weeks, I felt so trapped!) Drew and the boys were amazing through the whole thing. Poor Drew had to do everything from cooking to cleaning, carpools and trips to the Dr. he didn't complain and I am so grateful to have such a great husband! This experience sure has made me appreciate my health, my family, my friends, and my church! Now that my foot is almost better I am looking forward to a fun girls trip with Erica, my niece Mandy, and my sister Laurie to New York next month. My niece is on the Bingham High School Drill Team and they invited us to tag along for their Nationals trip this year. We are very excited to go to New York since we haven't been there before!

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  1. Lynelle,
    It was so awesome to hear from you. I have missed you! Your family sounds wonderful and I'm excited you get to got to go to New York. You will never be the same after it. Stay in touch now, okay!!! I go to Seattle occasionally and if there is any way to hook up, we should!

    Love ya,